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Putting art onto a new canvas
Business Standard
March 10, 1993
By Ella Datta

It isn't the most comfortable chair in the world. Its back is shaped like a woman's torso complete with a rib cage and............                    more  


    State of the Art
By M. Rahman

Aswathe of luminous colour sweeps across the screen. The outline of a face emerges, and is as quickly erased...... more

More than a pop art fantasy
The Pioneer
March 15, 1993
By Anupa Mehta
A chair created out of stacks of riotously painted wooden books, the armrest and back being, (you guessed it!), open books&                           more    
    Art in the Sky
By Anupa Mehta
    Last year 'State of the Art' a fine & art design studio introduced both artists and art lovers to the myriad possibilities..............       more
Open Air Gallery
March 1992
Come April, the city of Bombay will witness an exciting, new phenomenon. A fortnight long festival of ......                more    
    Art by the wayside
Feb 2, 1992
By Kripa Raman

Rumblings in the art world
The Pioneer
Feb 16, 1993
By Suneet Chopra


Hoarding art by the wayside
The Times of India
Feb 18, 1992
By A Staff Reporter


Furniture your house never saw
Times of India

March 27, 1993
By Roshmila Mukherjee


Nine artists and a nimble mouse
The Economic Times
Feb 21, 1993
By Kajal Basu


What's new in art
Fisrt City
Feb 1993
By Nima Namchu


Upstaging art
The Observer
March 21, 1993
By Madhuri Velegar


On the flip side of art
By Ramya Sarma


Computer barge into the arts world
Sunday Herald
Feb 22, 1993


To be seen or used?
The Times of India
May 2, 1993
By Gayatri Sinha


Sitting on Art
The Illustrated weekly of India
March 20, 1993


Coup d'Sil
Business World
Feb 1993


Computer aided canvases
By Gayarti Sinha


Art on Apple cart
March7, 1993
By Utpal K. Banerjee


Utility Value
March 10, 1993


Art in the open
Feb 29, 1992

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