The future of live experiences.


Moments start with an invitations to enjoy a personal interaction at live experiences, then come to life when you arrive at the designated spot. No matter how large the crowd, everyone can feel like a VIP.


Moments can be found anywhere within live experiences —indoors or outdoors, rain or shine, on any terrain, at any event or venue. We’re just getting started in select venues.


Without opening apps on your mobile phone or being tracked with GPS, Moments simply notify staff and interactive spaces precisely when you arrive.

Forward Looking

Moments free you from your phone screens when attending live events. More and more effortless interactions are coming to your world.


With the flexible Moments platform, you can transform any venue—indoors or outdoors—into a fun, interactive experience that works exactly how you need it to, no matter the conditions.


Moments sensors and readers initiate the interactions you choose precisely when you touch or walk nearby.


Your favorite venues and brands can enable Moments on their apps so that you can enjoy more effortless, rewarding and personal experiences when you go out.


In the future, Moments will be connected to smart watches, wristbands and apparel to create more seamless interactions in the real world.

How do Moments work?