Glassticket adds dynamic personalized experiences to your mobile tickets, elevating your anticipation for the live events you love.


Guest-friendly mobile ticket delivery, transfers, and entry. Incredibly simple for fans of all ages to use.


Days before the event, see stunning, cinematic-quality HD video and exclusive experience exclusive to your digital tickets.


Upgrade your valuable season ticket, to give your guests a richer mobile ticket experience while you enjoy the ease of digitally sharing of your tickets.


Enjoy a new level of concierge messaging, personalized services and bespoke experience.


With Glassticket, your mobile tickets are presented with more clarity and just the right content to make every event better. Connect with new experiences and receive a new level of service before, during, and after each event. Glassticket includes pregame videos, instant ticket transfers, helpful event-day reminders, concierge messages and invitations to exclusive experience.

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Panthers Suite and Club Members who received their season tickets via Glassticket enjoyed a VIP welcome, special perks, and a chance to win an exclusive New Year’s Eve prize package.

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Glassticket Reviews

Glassticket has all my tickets in one place. I can just walk into the stadium, wave my phone and boom, it's done. Simplicity at its best.

Panthers Season Ticket Holder

The app is so user-friendly, and I loved not having to print tickets. The Bluetooth connection for verifying the ticket is so quick! I was able to avoid the line, and I felt special.

LA Sparks Season Ticket Holder

It’s great that stadiums are finally getting more high-tech. That’s so cool that I can get rid of this paper ticket!

Huskies Season Ticket Holder

I can’t tell you what a difference it makes and the time it saves...not having to plan to get the physical tickets to our guests, or from our office before the game!

Panthers Season Ticket Holder

How does Glassticket work?